Full Tilt Street Rods offers the finest hot rod Mustang II IFS front end parts and accessories including tubular upper and lower control arms, and crossmembers, for your classic Ford, Chevy or Dodge, cars or trucks, including Hub-to-Hub Mustang II IFS independent front suspensions, 4-bar and 4-link rear suspensions, parallel leaf-springs, air bags, coilovers and more!




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Disc Brake Kits for Front and Rear

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Our Rear Disc Brake Kit fits 8" and 9" small- amd Big-Bearing Ford rear ends, and 10- and 12-bolt Chevy rear ends.  This kit features 11'' Rotors, brand new Cadillac calipers loaded with pads.  All brackets and hardware included.

Just $499.95 + S&H


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Check out our Big Brake Kit for Mustang II Fronts

For just a measly $269.95 +S&H you get:

11'' Rotors in Ford or Chevy bolt pattern
Brand-New Mid-Size GM Calipers loaded with Pads Powder Coated 3/8''-thick Caliper Brackets
Bearings, Seals and Dust Cap
All necessary Bolts and Hardware

Call 970-255-8890 to get your big-brake big break today!

Pro-Series rear disc kits provide a complete solution for popular muscle car rear axles that require a parking brake. Forged billet Dynalite four piston calipers, 12.19” one-piece drum/rotors, and high friction pads provide optimized and balanced braking for all types of custom performance street/strip and show machines. The neatly hidden internal shoe system provides a clean installation with superior static holding power for parking. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs enable the builder to personalize the style and optimize brake performance for every individual application. 
Call 970-255-8890 for pricing.

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How about these ultra-efficient racing-style drilled and slotted 11-inch rotors?  If you use your brakes hard and need better heat dispersion and lower risk of warping, these are for you!  Only $129.95/pair + S&H or add $80 to the Big Brake Kit price.


Our Ford SVO rear brake kit features emergency brake built into the rotor hat.  Kit comes complete with pads and all brackets.  Fits new style big bearing Ford 8 or 9-inch rear ends. 

$499.95 + S&H




FDL Big Brake Front Hub Kits provide the advantage of larger diameter brake rotors for traditional non-ABS spindles on American muscle cars and vintage rods. Forged billet Dynalite calipers, 12.19” diameter rotors, and high performance Wilwood brake pads generate big brake stopping power on all types of custom show and performance street / strip machines. A full range of options for caliper finish and rotor design provide custom builders with the ability to personalize the style and performance requirements of the mildest to the wildest machines.  Call 970-255-8890 to order!


Front and Rear kits are available NOW!  The front kit (at right) features 2 braided-stainless lines with banjo fittings, 2 banjo bolts, and 2 weld-on tabs with clips.  It fits our Mustang II IFS Big Brake Kit (GM metric).  Also available for stock-style Mustang II calipers, and custom applications.  Call 970-255-8890 now.

The rear kit (shown above, for Cadillac rear calipers) includes 3 braided-stainless lines, tabs and clips, and one section of stainless steel hard line that you cut and flare to fit your application.  It is designed to fit our Rear Disc Brake Kit and others.  Call 970-255-8890 now.

SPECIAL  PRICES! Rear Kit    $142.95 + S&H
                                    Front Kit    $99.95 + S&H

Call 970-255-8890 to get yours comin' TODAY!!

ABS Power Brake’s new electric power brake system uses a compact electric power supply that is the source of the boost.  No bulky booster and no proportioning valve is needed. Designed for easy installation, great looks and even better performance.  Many applications available.


Call 970-255-8890 to order yours today!




Dress up any Mustang II IFS Brake setup with our new one-piece caliper brackets. Bare Steel - Just $82.95/pair + S&H
Chrome Plated - Call 970-255-8890 for great price




We now offer a full selection of awesome Wilwood  front and rear disc brake kits!

REMEMBER - We also carry a passel of pedals, many master cylinders, beaucoup boosters, plenty of proportioning valves and a right smart of residual valves for ALL your braking needs.

CALL 970-255-8890 with your specific application!

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STOP IT NOW!!   Our new Braided-Stainless Brake Line Kits add quality, great looks and SAFETY to your project! 


CLICK pictures above, below and at left for larger views.  Check out the top-quality fittings and construction!


Steer away from the same old same old!!

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    Full Tilt features Flaming River's incomparable steering components, including a complete line of billet single and double universal joints. 

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Want to use your stock steering column with your Mustang II IFS in a Falcon, Comet, Fairlane of Mustang?  Then you'll love our steering adapter kit!   $264.95 + S&H

Note: All prices subject to change without notice.




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Vibration resistors take out the unwanted road vibration and harshness from your steering. 

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Flaming river rack-and-pinions are available in  manual and power versions.
And we offer 2" and 4" rack extensions for Mustang, T-Bird and Granada racks .

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* It's easy to replace your old funky steering column with one of F laming Rivers state-of-the-art tilt columns. 
 Get 'em with or without shifters and in a variety of finishes for just about any application you can dream up! 

 And don't forget to ask about our low-low prices on top-quality, awesome-looking steering wheels.